'Lefty/Righty' is a story about the fact that sometimes, no matter how much we want it, it’s hard to do good. It’s based on a story my Dad once told me about a dying friend. It’s based on his fond sadness that I never met his folks. It’s based on the experience of being an adult still learning to see my parents as people. It’s based on the strange and disparate ways people learn to love each-other. 

Having grown up in rural Colorado and now living in New York, 'Lefty/Righty' is a return home of sorts; a glance westward towards the people who raised and shaped me, but now inhabit my life largely as memories. I miss the west with an intensity I’m neither proud of nor understand. Such is the power of the place: we dress it—as have  generations—in illusions. We love the soil and forget that fact that amongst rock and water are drops of blood. ‘Lefty/Righty’ is search tenderness in dry land.   



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